Student from Price Action Course

As Nick from the above video will tell you, becoming a day trader is no easy task. There are many obstacles to overcome:

– Having enough funds to “gamble with”
– Establishing an account with a broker
– Learning the software platform (NinjaTrader / TradeStation / MetaStock, etc.)
– And most importantly, knowing how to make money!

John Paul’s Private Mentorship course at guides traders who are new to trading or experienced traders who need complete a more complete blueprint to follow. The course is roughly six weeks and based around the student’s availability (more effective during E-Mini S&P trading hours). The format is similar to that of a live trading room, only one-on-one. Students can contact John and ask questions at any time, even after the course is over.

In the course, there are 11 methods of price action trading. Most courses that focus on price action only offer one primary method coupled with one or two “worst case scenario” tactics. With 11 methods, there are plenty of black and white rules that John teaches his students so they’re not caught off-guard with price on the line (no Atlas Line pun intended).

Learning Price Action from an Expert Trader

There’s no doubt that price action trading is simply and highly effective. However, there are so many ways to perform price action trading (or what you think price action trading is) incorrectly. Even if you have purchased the best tools for price action trading like the ATO (At The Open) and Atlas Line from, there are still a few key methods that are missing.

The Mentorship Program from fills in these gaps by supplying students with the following:

Day Trade to Win Atlas Line, At the Open, Scalping, Filtering Trades, X-5

Everything you could ever want to know about day trading in any market, currency and commodity is covered with the course. Lessons are taught on an individual basis by John Paul, founder of He can work around your busy schedule by teaching you an hour a day, a couple of days a week. This complete-package course usually runs six weeks. To find out more about it, read the article about Mentorship or e-mail support(at)daytradetowin(dot)com .