Webinar Video for Price Action Traders

e-mini price action plan

Think about what it means when you enter or exit a trade – other traders are taking your position. If only a few traders want that price at that time, you are out of luck. This is a fact of price action trading. For example, if only 100 contracts are traded with 500 waiting to be filled, you are out of luck. Front running a trade guarantees a fill both entering and exiting using a limti order with the loss of one tick. This is a good method of trading not only for scalping but normal trading.

Getting a leg-up on the markets is easy if you have the tools that produce order signals in advance. The Atlas line from DayTradeToWin provides such messages.

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…there are a couple of Atlas Line discount coupon codes at the end of the video. Be sure to watch the whole thing to find them!