Rely on Price Action During News Events

See how to make money on the E-Mini S&P during unexpected market behavior influenced by news events.

A week or so ago, President Obama announced a tax cut extension. This announcement was made beyond the normal day trading session, in the evening. As soon as the public was informed, the E-Mini S&P price rallied during the overnight session. By the time the normal morning / day session began, price was coming back to reality. Traders using DayTradeToWin’s Atlas Line were able to make profit despite the drop in price. Many traders went with Long trades because of positive news. This is not something that is recommended – price should be the only determining factor when deciding how to enter and exit. Additionally, use the ATR (Average True Range) NinjaTrader indicator to decide how to exit the market (and what kind of profit to take). Remember, positive news doesn’t mean “GO LONG.” On a similar note, negative news doesn’t mean “GO SHORT.”

Price Action and News Events