Consistent Results Through Private Trading Education

In this video, John Paul from Day Trade to Win reviews the effectiveness of the trading methods as taught in the Private Mentorship Program. By reviewing each trade over the last couple of days, it’s easy to see how profitable you would have been if each Blueprint, Roadmap, Atlas Line and scalp trade was taken. Through eight weeks of live training, over 11 unique price action strategies are taught directly by John Paul. Instruction is in greater detail than is written in the course books. It’s also of greater advantage comparing charts day to day with the founder himself. Lastly, all software is included with life time licenses. Each training session is recorded. That means after the eight weeks, you can log in and replay the sessions to refresh your memory. There are no other coaching programs out there that offer what’s included with an underlying focus on very specific principles with a main focal point of understanding how the market moves as manipulated by floor traders. Day Trade to Win also has repeatedly posted video testimonials from students. Finding legitimate testimonials in the industry is a rare sight.

For a limited time (through the end of December), Day Trade to Win is offering a reduced 2011 price. Prices will likely increase in 2012. Since the program begins in 2012, it’s good to capitalize on the savings early. Register for the coaching program to be part of a team of professional traders. There’s no better time to start – 2012 is a new year after all!

Price Action Webinar Posted by Day Trade to Win

Day Trade to Win generously supplies traders with price action techniques as taught by day trading coach John Paul in the webinar video below. Over 50 minutes of price action is included, touching on the proprietary ABC Pattern (which provides traders with a way to determine which part of the day is best for trading and how price will likely change throughout the day). However, the main focus of the webinar is the Atlas Line, which has performed very well the last few days on the Emini unlike other indicator-based trading systems we’ve tested.

The Atlas Line produces two primary order signals: Double Bar Long and Double Bar Short. These, combined with the Pullback and Momentum trades, are really all you need to know to make profits trading the Emini. John Paul also teaches the Pullback trade in the video. He defines it as “two consecutive green candles as confirmed by the Atlas Line.” This is very easy to spot and can be done on the fly. The coaching session that’s included with purchase goes over such trades.

Stick around until the end of the video where John Paul gives away a 10% coupon code for all price action day trading courses, and software at Day Trade to Win.

Price Action Webinar