Pending Home Sales

10-28chartToday’s opening price on the E-mini S&P was (1753.50). The lowest price point today was (1754) at 11 a.m. Eastern time. The high today was (1760) at 2:45 p.m. Eastern. The economy is usually strengthened by sales on the housing market, but for four months in a row it has been hard to tell since pending sales have been down. The index level of pending home sales has fallen to 101.6 vs 107.6 in August, for a 5.6 percent decline. In nearly 2-1/2 years this has been the first negative reading of the year-on-year index, which is down 1.2 percent. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the recent government shutdown has pushed government workers and contractors to the sidelines of the housing market. Sales of existing homes had been slightly stronger, but not my much. The NAR says that today’s report points to a no better than a flat trend for final sales through the 4th quarter. This report had little effect on the the market following today’s results.

Day Trade to Win Reviews Atlas Line E-Mini

This video shows how the Atlas Line did today on the E-Min S&P, as a follow up from last week’s very informative webinar.

See how John Paul demonstrates how the Atlas Line Pullback accomplishes getting us more trades as the price continues to be above the Atlas Line.

We always trade with confirmation of the price using the Atlas Line before entering any trade, and so should you.

Objective, consistent and confident is what each trader should have when trading, and having the right tools can make the difference.

Atlas Line Pullback trades are taught during the free private live training that is included as part of the purchase. The training with John Paul will teach you to trade the Atlas Line method with clearly simple and objective rules.

Atlas Line Trading

How to Trade the FTSE100 Using Price Action

You’ll see five consecutive days (good or bad) of Atlas Line FTSE trading. This is all verifiable.

Traders have seen the Atlas Line traded on nearly every market, but John Paul from Day Trade to Win has never shown us the FTSE100 (also called “footsie”) until this video. In case you’re unfamiliar with the footsie market, it’s traded on the London Stock Exchange and is composed of the 100 most highly capitalized UK companies as a share index. The highest level in the last two years occurred on February 8, 2011, indicating increased volatility in this market. That means it’s great for price action traders!

Knowing whether you’re on the correct side of a trade can be a trader’s biggest headache. The Atlas Line is pure pain relief – guiding you with the line and presenting order signals at opportune moments. Right now, JP is running a deal where you can get the Atlas Line and the ATO method together for a reasonable price. Head on over to the Day Trade to Win blog and check it out.

Footsie Trading

Scalp Trading Price Action Technique

Professional scalp trading techniques that actually work from Video Course course is now available and accepting students! Every so often, this site opens for individuals interested in exclusive scalp trading methods. What are scalp trading methods? As described on the Trade Scalper website, trade scalping allows online day traders to get in and out of markets quickly, filling orders using small price changes. Scalp trading works for all markets, from the E-Mini S&P to commodities like Crude Oil. 


Check out this price action trading video where John Paul demonstrates scalp trading:

You can receive the first three chapters for free by visiting The first few chapters contain good advice about setting up NinjaTrader, choosing a broker, and the proper mentality to adopt for price action trading.

Also, recent footage (we’re talking the last two weeks) have been posted of these scalping methods in action, earning profits on a daily basis.

The only requirement for the course is a reasonable understanding of NinjaTrader. Scalp trading is an excellent tool for day trading beginners and professionals alike.

The Trade Scalper Course

Pure E-Mini Price Action Trading from DayTradeToWin

Price action trading videos are hard to come by – at least, videos of price action done correctly.

John Paul from shows us how it’s done using the successful At the Open Method (ATO):

Price Action means purely basing your trade on price; what you see in front of you on a chart and the direction it wants to follow. The At the Open software also plots entry signals on the chart automatically. Right now, John Paul is offering an summer special where you can buy the ATO course for $595!

Day Trade To Win Price Action Trading