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As traders, we always have to be wary of news reports as they can significantly move price in an unexpected direction. On a five minute E-mini chart, the effects of news events are often symbolized as either a very tall red or green candle in contrast to surrounding candles. Price fluctuates greatly over the course of the five minutes in which this candle is plotted. If you’ve entered during this time, your profit or stop will likely be hit as there is no way to correlate the movement of price with the human perception of news events (“good” or “bad”). Can news events ever work in our advantage? The answer is yes. Not only can they “wake up” the market into favorable trading conditions, you can also identify and apply a candle setup / trading method.

Watch the first part of Day Trade to Win’s recorded webinar to see what we mean…

A second trading method, called the Yo-Yo effect, is described by John Paul. The Yo-Yo Effect is how price bounces back and forth in a choppy motion as a result of buyers and sellers quickly placing orders of inverse proportions. Being able to recognize these conditions will save you money in the long run as it’s best to avoid the chop.

Another interesting observation John makes is how the markets have been relatively predictable in terms of annual (calendar year) opening and closing prices. He describes a direct relationship between the performance of indices in January and where price usually ends (high or low) by December. He claims that you can backtest this strategy to reveal a high degree of consistency. You can also take advantage of this for the long term.

Day Trading Teacher Takes Live Trade During Class

Day Trade to Win’s John Paul privately teaches his students the art of price action trading. Since many of these lessons occur during peak trading hours (from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. US/Eastern time), John occasionally takes a live trade while teaching. Why ignore these opportunities that have a high profit probability? Showing how the method works live helps each student much more than simulated trading. Additionally, students become more confident with each price action method learned.

This video shows John teaching one of his students the Atlas Line software. John enters the trade Long as price has two closings above the plotted line (pink dashes). This entry is marked by the green signal produced when price is at 1266.75. Don’t panic when you see that large stop in place – John uses NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader to drag the stop to a more reasonable position. The three stop strategies (Catastropic, Time-based and Prove-it) are explained in the live training that’s included with purchase. Profit targets are always based on what current market conditions can substantiate, so you’ll also see this gap reduced to a more reasonable level. You can be certain that the rules are always clear and objective – no gray areas like in other day trading systems that keep traders guessing.

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Atlas Line
Private Mentorship

Profits 5 Days in a Row Trading the ES

Five consecutive days of ES profits? And then throw in the Euro? Sign us up!

Day Trade to Win’s ATO (At the Open) trading course teaches traders of all experience levels how to consistently profit from the ES’s (E-Mini S&P 500) opening move. Since this type of trading is based on the given day’s price history, the method is inherently accurate. The goal of the ATO is to make two to four points every day before noon. On occasion, the ATO software will produce signals in the afternoon hours, but these signals are far less reliable than those produced earlier in the day.

As you can tell from the video, the software provides an entry price and direction. The PDF course and live training covers the types of stops, orders and management strategies. Just this year, John Paul modified the course slightly to better reflect how the E-Mini trading has changed. Considering the low cost of the course (under $600 last time we checked) and the video proof of at least 5 days of straight profits, grabbing this course is a no-brainer. Throw in the live training session, and traders will surely walk away having learned a powerful e-mini trading strategy.

Price Action Webinar Posted by Day Trade to Win

Day Trade to Win generously supplies traders with price action techniques as taught by day trading coach John Paul in the webinar video below. Over 50 minutes of price action is included, touching on the proprietary ABC Pattern (which provides traders with a way to determine which part of the day is best for trading and how price will likely change throughout the day). However, the main focus of the webinar is the Atlas Line, which has performed very well the last few days on the Emini unlike other indicator-based trading systems we’ve tested.

The Atlas Line produces two primary order signals: Double Bar Long and Double Bar Short. These, combined with the Pullback and Momentum trades, are really all you need to know to make profits trading the Emini. John Paul also teaches the Pullback trade in the video. He defines it as “two consecutive green candles as confirmed by the Atlas Line.” This is very easy to spot and can be done on the fly. The coaching session that’s included with purchase goes over such trades.

Stick around until the end of the video where John Paul gives away a 10% coupon code for all price action day trading courses, and software at Day Trade to Win.

Price Action Webinar

Day Trade to Win Reviews Atlas Line E-Mini

This video shows how the Atlas Line did today on the E-Min S&P, as a follow up from last week’s very informative webinar.

See how John Paul demonstrates how the Atlas Line Pullback accomplishes getting us more trades as the price continues to be above the Atlas Line.

We always trade with confirmation of the price using the Atlas Line before entering any trade, and so should you.

Objective, consistent and confident is what each trader should have when trading, and having the right tools can make the difference.

Atlas Line Pullback trades are taught during the free private live training that is included as part of the purchase. The training with John Paul will teach you to trade the Atlas Line method with clearly simple and objective rules.

Atlas Line Trading