Clean Charts, Clear E-Mini Price Action Trading

John Paul from DayTradeToWin spots a Power Price Action trade setup and trades it live. Notice how there are no indicators used to spot the trade. Unfortunately, we can’t explain what Power Traders like John are seeing on the chart that allows for this trade. Rest assured, it’s based on objective rules and not flimsy ideas that can go either way. Anyone can learn these propriety setups from the 8 weeks of live training and 4 DVDs that come with the day trading course. These setups occur in the E-Mini, currencies and Forex markets on a daily basis, even multiple times per day. If you’re a visual learner, then learning this simple strategy is a great choice. A color training workbook is included with the course. It’s not an upsell scam either – you can truly trade just this one strategy, make money and be fully content.

Power Price Action Trading – New Price Action Day Trading Course

There’s a new day trading course available to traders of all markets, including Forex, Currencies, Futures, Commodites and all the rest – Power Price Action. This course, created by price action guru John Paul from, teaches traders the single most effective price action trading strategy to date. During six hours of DVD-based trading, students are taught from the ground up on the following topics:

  • Basic day trading software operations and trading terminology
  • Understanding price action
  • Understanding the markets and how they work
  • The Power Price Action method
  • Applying the Power Price Action method in the markets CourseIn addition, live instruction is included with the course – 8 weeks total! So after you watch the videos, you can attend the lessons free of charge in a trading-room setting. John Paul teaches these live lessons directly, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best price action trading advice possible.

Very few day trading sites will actually post their results. That’s not the case with You can see how well the strategy performed on a regular basis in nearly every market.

The course is very affordable as well. There are two pricing plans: single payment (offering the best value) or split payment, stretching the payment over two consecutive months.