Profits 5 Days in a Row Trading the ES

Five consecutive days of ES profits? And then throw in the Euro? Sign us up!

Day Trade to Win’s ATO (At the Open) trading course teaches traders of all experience levels how to consistently profit from the ES’s (E-Mini S&P 500) opening move. Since this type of trading is based on the given day’s price history, the method is inherently accurate. The goal of the ATO is to make two to four points every day before noon. On occasion, the ATO software will produce signals in the afternoon hours, but these signals are far less reliable than those produced earlier in the day.

As you can tell from the video, the software provides an entry price and direction. The PDF course and live training covers the types of stops, orders and management strategies. Just this year, John Paul modified the course slightly to better reflect how the E-Mini trading has changed. Considering the low cost of the course (under $600 last time we checked) and the video proof of at least 5 days of straight profits, grabbing this course is a no-brainer. Throw in the live training session, and traders will surely walk away having learned a powerful e-mini trading strategy.

57 Ticks of ES Profit in 5 Days

Day Trade to Win just posted their Atlas Line results for the last five consecutive days. For those who are unaware, the Atlas Line is a trading system that works for the ES and other futures, currencies and commodities. The software works with NinjaTrader TradeStation and eSignal. The main purpose of the software is to provide Long or Short entry signals at prime moments. Since the software is based on price action, there is no extra configuration. Performance is always based on recent history – no optimization required.

Back to the results – the ES was a bit shaky closing out last week, however, as indicated in the video above, November 15 proved to be the most profitable E-Mini day in the last week. November 15 generated 34 ticks or profit, providing each Atlas Line trade was taken. Considering the overall success rate and verifiable results, the Atlas Line is definitely a great buy for the price, either the 6-month or Lifetime option. Right now, Day Trade to Win is offering 10% off either purchase option by using coupon code 10OFFATLAS. The coupon is redeemable in the shopping cart on the Atlas Line page.

price action trading system

Price Action System Reviewed with Coupon

Once in a while, we like to take a break from looking at charts and focus on other traders, how they trade, and whether or not their methods work. Day Trade to Win has released another video testimonial. This time, it’s of a trader named Sifiso from South Africa. Using the popular Atlas Line trading software, he claims many straight wins with very few losses. The same holds true for his use of the Floor Traders Secrets method; consistent profits with few losses. The Floor Traders Secrets Manual is Day Trade to Win’s most inexpensive day trading course. Using “trading based off the five,” traders can hope for a point or two almost every day. This “secret” price action method was taught to John Paul by floor traders who use a it for market manipulation. Since the setups are based on direct human intervention, they’re very easy to recognize. This course is also called the X-5 trade and compliments other price action strategies.

Day Trade to Win is running a promotion for the week – $60 off the Trade Scalper course. The Trade Scalper uses stop losses under six ticks, short chart time frames and minimal risk to rack up points using quick entries at any time of the day. As a bonus, the Floor Traders Secrets Manual is included. Both methods compliment one another. The coupon code is 60TRADESCALPER and is used at the DTTW cart checkout page.