E-Mini With lots and lots of confusing indicators

This website is dedicated to cutting through the myths of indicators, and learning the art of Price Action.Check out the chart below.

Can you understand what is happening in this chart?  It is indicator’s gone crazy.  Any trader that tries to trade in this way is mistaken.

Long, short, what to do, who knows?  Is more confusing then my 2 year old’s  scribble picture.  Can you now see why most traders fail.

All traders’ need to do to learn how to trade is to actually watch, look, learn, and get themselves a good mentor that will not try to give a

moving averages and claim that it works.

Check out the site many pages, charts, videos, and categories to help you learn trading. We give recommendations on products and advisors that

Really do what they say.  You will be surprised on what we discovered.

E-Mini SP

Price Action trading will always be the preferred method of trading for the active and professional traders. Above is a chart with nothing on it.  No Moving averages, No Keltener Channels, No Stochastics, No weighted momentum, And no special anything.  A plain chart.  How beautiful can be in its natural form.   This chart is in its Birthday suite.