E-Mini S&P: Price Action Trading Decisions

What is price telling you?

Price Action Trading Course

As the image says, when trading – do you know when to go long and short? Many traders think they do, but they’re relying on gut instinct, a horoscope, the tide levels, or an untrustworthy indicator. John Paul teaches you to trade exactly what you see – price as it appears on the E-Mini S&P chart. His clear, black and white rules outline every possible trading scenario: the Private Mentorship course teaches traders everything from using the Atlas Line™ to filtering trades, exiting and entering market strategies, scalping and much more.

Get a better idea of what is offered in the Private Mentorship course by watching this video:

Price Action Trading Video 2
Price Action Trading Video 3
Price Action Trading Video 4

Atlas Line Webinar

Today, I participated in a free Atlas Line webinar from DayTradeToWin.com (http://www.daytradetowin.com/atlas/). This was a webinar I looked forward to as I have had success with the DTTW At The Open method. You can read about the Atlas Line here:


John Paul also offers one-on-one webinars (the one I attended was a public group) are also offered to show you how to best use the Atlas Line for trading.

Check out a video of the Atlas Line in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFomqi487G8

To take a look at the Atlas Line and receive notifications of the next webinar, visit http://www.daytradetowin.com/atlas/