Day Trade to Win Reviews Atlas Line E-Mini

This video shows how the Atlas Line did today on the E-Min S&P, as a follow up from last week’s very informative webinar.

See how John Paul demonstrates how the Atlas Line Pullback accomplishes getting us more trades as the price continues to be above the Atlas Line.

We always trade with confirmation of the price using the Atlas Line before entering any trade, and so should you.

Objective, consistent and confident is what each trader should have when trading, and having the right tools can make the difference.

Atlas Line Pullback trades are taught during the free private live training that is included as part of the purchase. The training with John Paul will teach you to trade the Atlas Line method with clearly simple and objective rules.

Atlas Line Trading

4 thoughts on “Day Trade to Win Reviews Atlas Line E-Mini”

  1. about how many times does the atlas line plot entries throughout the day? i want to use it to make $100 a day and that’s it… i love your simple way of trading and looking at things you have a great perspective on things!

    1. $100 a day should be possible. The Atlas Line’s line is a static plot. It plots once, at an angle. On some days, there are over 10 order signals, but most of the time, there are up to five before noon EST. Remember, the Atlas Line can be used to confirm scalping or you can trade the Pullback trades.

  2. These Pullback Trades – can they be traded without the Atlas Line or are they exclusive to the software? Do you know if Day Trade to Win offers any payment options?

    1. Pullback trades need to be identified using the Atlas Line. Without the Atlas Line, it’s not possible to know the setups from all of the other price action. Day Trade to Win offers a six month license for the software. There’s also a lifetime license. It’s probably a good idea to see if the six month fits your style of trading first and then upgrade if true. It’s not that much more for the lifetime anyway.

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