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Here’s a video testimonial in which a trader named Alan reviews Day Trade to Win’s price action day trading software, the Atlas Line. Before finding Day Trade to Win, he had a breakeven experience. First he traded stocks then moved to Forex and Futures with moderate success. Ever since Alan started using the Atlas Line “it’s been a godsend.” He claims that his trading has definitely improved and his profit margins have gone up. He says the decision to go long or short is guided by the Atlas Line, sort of like a roadmap. Alan’s looking forward to continue his oil contract futures trading using this price action system.

The Atlas Line functions by producing order signals, either long or short, prior to big moves in your preferred market. These orders are generated in advance, so there’s no lagging as experienced with indicators. Additionally, there are three unique trade setups taught in the training that’s included with purchase. These three setups recognize unique opportunities that can only be recognized when using the Atlas Line. On top of these features, the Line itself lets you know whether to stay long or short, depending if price appears above or below the plotted line.

Day Trade to Win Review

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  1. Ha, a true Texan trading crude oil. Post more videos like this. It’s refreshing to see no-BS reviews of day trading courses.

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