3 Scalp Trades During Low Volatility

This site is entirely about price action and frankly, there hasn’t been much of it when trading the E-Mini S&P the last couple of months. Times like this require drastic measures: scalp trading.

Actually, learning to scalp trade is quite easy and it can be used with any market despite volatility levels. A few scalp trades (as shown in this “3×3 video” – three separate trades for three ticks each) is the best way to trade during a relatively flat market.

Where can you learn such day trading techniques? Well, you can start with the free Trade Scalper webinar held on Nov. 11 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Opt-in to the registration on the TS page to receive a link to the webinar. From there, consider enrolling in the course to learn all of the scalping methods. It’s better than losing your shirt by not knowing the proper rules to enter the market for scalping.

Here’s a couple summarized tips from the video:
– Keep your profit targets and stops in place – don’t move them – no slippage.
– Use a 1-minute chart (remember, smaller time frame = scalping!)

See more scalping videos at the Trade Scalper website (click the image):

10 thoughts on “3 Scalp Trades During Low Volatility”

  1. they now have a software to offer with the tradescalper book, i recommend it if you want a bit more ease and automated.

  2. Yes, I agree that the TradeScalper by John Paul works great when the market is trending. Also, the Floor Trader’s Secret manual that comes with it was quite informative. I still may take John up on the free training days that are offered. Good luck to you traders. Judy

  3. hey ya’ll, anyone know how to access the 30 day software that comes free with the tradescaler from daytradetowin? i bought it last night and am getting set up with it all but just need the software to scalp the market with. thx

  4. fundattack… the software for the tradescalper gets emailed to you with instructions. they sent it to me automatically after i bought. email their support and they’ll send it to you. yesterday was a training session with john paul for the tradescalper, just in case you didn’t know fyi.

  5. Thank god for this scalping method because this low volatility would’ve killed my trading! Every year around the holidays I look for a solution or alternative and I got into thie tradescalper about a month ago, JUST IN TIME!

  6. Honestly, I’m not even sure what the training sessions are for… I read the course once and was trading it 2 days later. Maybe it’s just me but the course is really easy to understand and I use the software to do the automated entries.

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